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Today, the city of Istanbul is known for its welcoming atmosphere, sparkling nightlife, restaurants bars and more. The city is a blend of everything in a beautiful package. It has so much to offer that no tourist would be able to resist. On the contrary, with one of the most updated and modernized appearances, the city is a good dig through history. The marvellous architecture, artistic treasures galleries, traditional festivals, museums and more, would take you back to olden times. The city was officially named as Istanbul after the founding of the Turkish Republic and is today strewn with glorious remnants of its long and illustrious history, and the sightseeing here will impress even a tourist who is not interested in history and architecture. The topmost attractions of this city are the big four- Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar. However, apart from these there are other Istanbul tourist attractions that are located in, or near, the old city district of Sultanahmet that render this landscape furthermore interesting.

The delectable food is another reason why you should head towards this party town in Turkey. Everyone is well aware of Turkish Kebabs. The country itself has a long and colourful history and Istanbul travel guide is filled with attractions. It has been home to the Selijuq, Byzantine, Mongol and Ottoman Empires and these have all had their influences on Istanbul. Rich in history and culture is what makes Istanbul the most popular travel destination. Istanbul tourism welcomes you with its charm and poise! Each one of you should visit Istanbul at least once and experience all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit Istanbul. Check Istanbul Itinerary 3 Days to plan your awesome Istanbul trip.


Istanbul Travel Tips

Essential travel information and Istanbul tips for your visit

■ Time Zone: Istanbul follows the Eastern European Time Zone UTC+02:00.
■ Currency: The currency operational in Istanbul is Turkish Lira.
■ Electricity: In Turkey the mains voltage is 220 Volt. You may need a power adapter for all your electronic equipment, if in your country another mains voltage is used.
■ Internet: Connecting to the Internet in Turkey is pretty easy and inexpensive. If you travel with your own laptop, tablet computer (iPad, etc.) or smartphone, most Turkish hotels, particularly the small and medium-sized ones—offer wireless Internet access (Wifi) in at least one public space, such as the lobby or lounge, and many have signal repeaters that make Wifi available in all the guest rooms as well.
■ Language: The language spoken in Istanbul is Turkish but English, and sometimes German, is spoken at tourist sites and at hostels.
■ Emergency Contacts: Ambulance: 112 (all over Turkey), Police: 155 (all over Turkey), Tourism Police: (0212) 5274503 (Istanbul only).
■ The city does bask in glorious sunshine a lot of the time but its maritime location and prevailing weather patterns mean that drizzle, drops and plain old rain frequently interrupt a day’s sightseeing. With an umbrella you can carry on regardless until the clouds part and the sun comes out again.
■ Bargaining is a must in Istanbul.
■ Turkish baths, the famous feature of Istanbul’s tourism can also be a trap to mint money. The best ones are those used by locals, not exclusively by tourists and will be reasonably priced.
■ Be careful of pick pockets. Keep your valuables safe.
■ Dress modestly especially while visiting mosques in the city.
■ Respect the Turkish flag when in the city. Disrespect to the flag would hurt the sentiments of the locals

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